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It’s Thursday, February 20, 2014, and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!


Recommended Website:


Learning Aisle


Age Range: 3-18 (Grades PreK-12, with parental supervision)


This website is your one-stop destination for hundreds of ready to use on-line lessons for students PreK-12 across all the core subjects!


With content fully licensed from eTap, and from well-known sources such as Khan Academy, PBS, the History Channel, and more, navigating this well-designed website is a breeze. The curriculum is organized into four levels: 

  • Grades
  • Subjects
  • Units
  • Lessons


After registering for your free account, simply select a grade and then chose your subject, for example Social Studies. Then you will be presented with currently available units which are broken down even further into lessons. The Social Studies units cover such concepts as: 

  • Civics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • People of the World
  • State Studies
  • U.S. History
  • World History


Unit lessons can include illustrated learning text, associated videos, and printer friendly worksheets as well as quizzes and additional resource links. 


A valuable feature of this website is that you may add lessons, units, subjects, or whole grades to your own Study Room. Within the Study Room, create personalized Study Lists for your students by simply dragging and dropping items from your Study Room to study lists. Students can then conveniently access the lessons you have assigned to them by selecting their own Study List. Also, for lessons within your Study room, there is a discussion box available to “ask questions, post comments, send messages to anyone who is studying the same lesson”. 


Within your study room, you can quickly monitor your students’ progress by selecting “Progress Report”. If there are tests or quizzes available within a unit, these can also be easily monitored by selecting the “Quiz Report”.   


Because this website includes units not only for social studies but also for science, math, and language arts, Learning Aisle may quickly become your first stop when planning your studies.



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