American Sign Language Video Dictionary!

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Hi!  It’s Saturday, May 3, 2013 and time for Foreign Languages at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Signing Savvy

Age Range: All (with parental supervision)

This ad-supported website provides a free, interactive video dictionary with over 7,000 words and phrases that can be used as a resource for educators, students, or anyone interested in learning or improving  American Sign Language (ASL) skills.

When you get to the site, you’ll see a “Browse by Letter” menu. Simply click on a letter, and a new page opens with a menu of words and phrases that begin with that letter.  Click on the word or phrase, and a new page opens where you can watch a video of a person demonstrating how to sign that word. You’ll also find a  written definition of the word.

There is a menu near the top of the page that allows you to look up:

  • Fingerspelling
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Animals
  • U.S. States
  • World Geography
  • Baby Sign.

As you explore the site, you’ll notice that additional information such as a full written description of how to make the sign, and a memory aid for the sign, and (in some cases) flash cards and other features are provided for members who can access the entire site ad-free. Look under the “About Us” section on the menu to find information on membership fees. 

That said, you don’t have to purchase a thing to use the interactive video dictionary that serves as a fascinating introduction to sign language — and it’s a great way for those of you who know ASL to refresh your knowledge of signing various words.


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