Free Reading & Writing Activities for K-12!

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Hi!  It’s Wednesday, April 25, 2012 and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
ThinkQuest: Write On Reader

Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12, with parental supervision)

ThinkQuest offers this remarkable archive of activities to help students of all ages acquire a love of reading and writing. When you get to the site you will meet your guides, Buster Book and Penny Pencil. They may seem kind of childish for older students but don’t let that¬ fool you — the content here is for all ages. Below them, you will see a menu that includes:
*Favorite Book Surveys — See the polling results (divided by boy/girl preference and by grade level) of students’ favorite books, illustrators, and authors.

*How A Book Is Made — Discover how a traditional book is published. Learn how to make your own book and get it published!

*Writing — This is a highlight of the site. Read the history of writing and then follow step-by-step instructions for how to create a quality piece of writing.

*Literary Awards — Find out what designations like “Newbery,” “Caldecott,” “Young Reader’s Choice,” and other awards mean and how they can help you choose interesting books to read.
*Word Games — Play all kinds of interactive word games including crossword puzzles, scrabble, Mad Libs, and more.
*Expert Advice — Read interviews with authors, illustrators, editors, technical writers, librarians and others whose careers are centered aro und reading and writing.

*Helping Others — Get suggestions on how to develop reading and writing skills — especially for those who struggle with either or both.

This is a remarkable resource – bookmark it to return again and again.  



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