Free Art-Inspired Story Prompts for Families!

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Hi!  It’s Wednesday, March 14, 2012 and time for Language Arts at ClickSchooling

Recommended Website:

Age Range: 3-13 (and something for everyone, with parental supervision)

This website provides a fun and innovative way for kids and their families to collaborate on writing a story complete with artistic illustrations! It promotes imagination, literacy, and creative writing skills.

Storybird is similar to progressive storytelling. One person writes a few words and inserts pictures from a selection of illustrations by a variety of artists. Then, the next person adds more words or pictures. Then another person can add to or finish the story and share it.

This fun language arts project can be done sitting side-by-side or via the Internet with friends anywhere in the world.

Once your story is complete you have the option of sharing it privately or publicly in the Storybird worldwide library. You can print your story, watch it on screen, or just play around with it and experiment with storytelling. This simple publishing platform is a great tool for aspiring writers and artists of all ages.

The inspiration for Storybird is best explained at the website: “Everywhere we looked, people were living apart, working long hours, or separated by travel. Old routines like reading a book together or playing a board game have become increasingly rare and new routines, particularly online, haven’t caught up…We use collaborative storytelling to connect kids with their families.”  What a great idea!



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