The Sun – Science, Tour, & Song!

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Hi!  It’s Tuesday, August 16, 2011 and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Websites:
Varied – See Links Below

Age Range: Varied (There is something for students of all ages here, with parental supervision)

These websites offer terrific information on the nearest star to Earth – the Sun! It’s educational and entertaining…

*NASA: Sun for Kids

Watch a terrific 6-minute video that provides an interesting overview of the sun – design for kids!

*NASA: The Sun Song!

Don’t miss this! Learn about heliophysics as you listen to the “Chromatics” sing facts about the sun in perfect harmony.

*Virtual Tour of the Sun

This site provides a multi-media virtual tour of the sun through the use of text, photographs, illustrations, animations, and film clips. The entire tour takes about 20 minutes and includes information about solar wind, sun spots, solar eclipses, solar flares, and more.

*New Mexico Solar Energy Association: Curricula & Projects

New Mexico is the “clean energy state” and offers this website with solar energy science projects for grades 3-12 that include:

Grades 3-6:

  • Let’s Study the Sun
  • Intro to Light & Matter
  • Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven
  • Simple Solar Cell Demo

Grades 7-12:

  • Intro to Electricity
  • Solar Cell Demo
  • Explore Passive Solar Design
  • Explore Photovoltaics
  • Electrolysis: Obtaining hydrogen from water
  • Explore Fuel Cells
  • Intro to Light & Matter
  • Experiment with Passive Solar Design Lab

The information here is presented in a user-friendly way, and all of the lessons and projects can be downloaded and/or printed out for use offline.


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