BIG Numbers – How Much Is A Trillion?

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Hi!  It’s Monday, May 2, 2011 and time for Math at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
The MegaPenny Project

We hear BIG numbers mentioned all of the time — the government budget require trillions of dollars, a natural disaster causes billions of dollars in damage, and a space probe travels millions of miles.

Talking about these gigantic numbers is one thing — visualizing them can be very difficult.

 The MegaPenny Project uses computer images to make visualization of these gigantic numbers a snap. It takes one small U.S. penny and shows you what a million, billion, trillion and more pennies look like.

 When you get to the site you will see a brief introduction and a menu. For the best effect, ignore the menu and follow the progressive “tour” from start to finish by clicking on the words “Enter The MegaPenny Project.” You’ll see computer generated images of:

  • One penny
  • One Thousand pennies
  • One Hundred Thousand pennies
  • One Million pennies
  • Ten Million pennies
  • One Hundred Million pennies
  • One Billion pennies
  • One Trillion pennies
  • One Quadrillion pennies
  • One Quintillion pennies
  • ~ And more!

You and your kids will be amazed to discover what BIG numbers really look like and you will also find out some fascinating information along the way, such as the answer to the question: How many pennies it would take to fill the Empire State Building?

Not only will you SEE what that many pennies would look like, you’ll discover things such as the value of the pennies, size of the pile, weight, and the area they would cover if laid flat.

Would you rather be paid one million dollars today or would you rather be paid one penny today (1), twice that tomorrow (2), twice that the next (4), etc. for 30 days? Go to today’s site to find the answer.

When you finish exploring the MegaPenny Project — click on the MegaMoo project. (Same idea using Holstein cows!)



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