Spanish Proficiency Video Exercises

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Hi!  It’s Saturday, March 26, 2011 and time for Foreign Languages at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
University of Texas: Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Age Range: 12 and up (middle school and beyond)

This website from the University of Texas at Austin offers free video lessons and exercises for each of SIX levels of proficiency in Spanish – from Beginning to Superior!

Designed for use by students at the University of Texas, motivated middle school and high school students can really learn a lot here too!

When you get to the site, you will see an introduction that explains this unique program. The lessons are listed by level in a horizontal menu bar near the top of the page. Place your cursor over the level on the menu bar and a drop-down menu
displays each lesson in that proficiency level. Click on the lesson and a new page opens.

In each lesson, there is one simplified video interview, plus video interviews of FIVE native speakers using the grammar and vocabulary for that lesson. The five native speakers are from Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Honduras.

While the video is playing, the captions can be set to Spanish, English, or none. The videos are also available as podcasts for viewing by iPod, for example.

There are no worksheets or quizzes, but you will find lists of relevant vocabulary, phrases, and grammar in the menu located in the right-hand column of each lesson page.

The entire site can be navigated by means of the “site index” in the upper right corner if you prefer.


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