Human Anatomy Arcade Games!

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Hi!  It’s Tuesday, January 18, 2011 and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
Anatomy Arcade

Age Range: 13 and up (Younger students may enjoy this with parental supervision.)

ClickScholar Leslie recommended this ad-supported website that offers free, fun, interactive games that teach basic human anatomy. It’s designed with high school students in mind, as well as a way for health care professionals to refresh their knowledge.

When you get to the site you’ll see an icon menu of the games that include:

*Poke-A-Muscle – Learn the names of the muscles of the human body.

*Whack-A-Bone – Learn the names of the bones in the human body.

*The Eye Jigsaw – Drag-and-drop the parts of the eye.

*Match A Body System – Have fun learning about the skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems and more!

*Match A Brain – Discover the parts of the human brain.

*Digestive Jigsaw – Put together the parts of the human digestive system.

Click on any one and a new page opens.  You have to watch a video advertisement before you can play the game. If you register (free) you can bypass some of the ad content and have access to additional features, like book-marking your spot. (As always, read the privacy policy before you register.)

You can select “Games By Body System” by using the menu on the left side of the screen.  You can also select “Games By Type” such as jigsaw, crossword, word search, matching, animation, etc.

Again, in order to play the games at this site withtout registering, you do have to watch randomly generated advertisements.  So, AS ALWAYS, parents should preview the site and supervise use of it.


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