Fun Budget & Savings Game for Kids

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Hi!  It’s Monday, September 27, 2010 and time for Math at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
Savings Quest

Age Range: 9-14 (younger children and non-readers may enjoy aspects with parental guidance)
Wells Fargo Bank sponsors this free, fun, interactive online game that challenges kids’ math, language arts, and critical thinking skills in order to help them learn about budgeting and saving.

When you get to the site, wait for the game to fully download. Then, take the animated tour to see how the game works.

Select your character to play the game. Then pick an occupation such as a:

  • Copy Editor
  • Accountant
  • Detective
  • Archaeologist

During the game, you will have to perform certain math, language arts, and puzzle challenges based on the occupation you select in order to get your monthly paycheck.

You will also select a savings goal – an amount of money that you want to save in order to purchase something (i.e, new laptop, vacation, etc.).

Then, you create a budget that includes your fixed expenses (rent, food, car insurance, etc.) along with an entertainment expense and savings to hopefully achieve your goal.

Each month, after depositing your paycheck, you pay the bills and any unexpected expenses (car repair, computer repair, DVD rental, etc.). 

If you get to the end of the game and have saved enough money to achieve your goal – you win!  If not, you can try again. 

Even if you do win, it’s fun to play each different game by selecting a new occupation. The challenges and tasks are different for each. Plus, you can alter your fixed expenses to accommodate lavish or sensible tastes that will change the outcome of the games too.


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