Medieval Gargoyles, Rose Windows & More! (CSAW)

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Hi! It’s Saturday, December 5, 2009 and time for Art at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
New York Carver

Age Range: All (Note: Younger children may be frightened by some of the artistic images of gargoyles, etc. Parents, as always, should preview the site to determine the suitability of the content for their own children.)

A big “THANK YOU” to ClickScholar Chris, who recommended this website that offers an incredible array of information on medieval stone, art, and architecture through a multi-media internet portal. As the creator of the site, stonecutter Jeff Chiffriller notes, “This online learning center for Gothic art and architecture is meant to share the beauty and the living spirit of the stone with you.”
I have never seen stone cutters’ artwork so beautifully displayed or engagingly explained. This is a feast for the eyes and mind!

You and your family will be astounded by what artisans can create from slabs of stone. The discussion that is sure to ignite as you explore this website will encompass art, history, social studies, geometry, religion, and much, much more. 

When you get to the site you can watch a video montage of medieval stonecutters’ artwork on buildings worldwide. Then, explore the menu that includes:

*Stone Carver’s Tour – Take a virtual tour of stonecutters’ artwork in cities throughout the world including New York, Harlem, London, Paris, Florence, and Rome.

*Virtual Cathedral – Designed like a chapter book, this section of the site is still under construction, but you can enjoy chapters I and II about stonecutters and stained glass painters. You’ll also find an interactive lesson on how to “read” stained glass, an animation of stonecutters’ tools and how they work, and interactive puzzles.

*Cathedral Tours – Take a pictorial virtual tour of cathedrals worldwide that highlights their stone and stained glass artwork. Take the tour in English, French, or Spanish.

*Gothic Field Guide – Use this glossary to better understand the terminology used by stonecutters and artisans.

*Gothic Geometry – This page provides some interesting information about geometric shapes in architecture with the intent of selling a downloadable ebook called “Tips & Tricks to Gothic Geometry.” Don’t miss viewing the free sample pages which are linked at the bottom of the page.

*Virtual Abbey – Take an armchair explorer’s tour of a medieval abbey including the herb garden, scriptorium, and wine cellar.

*Medieval Art Tours – A directory of links to art galleries worldwide that feature gothic and medieval art and sculpture.

*Castle Tours – A directory of links to online virtual tours of castles worldwide. You’ll even find the fun “Kids’ Castle” that’s a terrific learning tool for children.

*Resources – An exhaustive list of links to resources on the Net about the Middle Ages. It could take years to view it all.

This website earns a ClickSchooling Award (CSAW) for excellence in combining technology and education.  Bookmark it to return often!


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