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Recommended Website:
Science Museum

Age Range: 9-18+ (There is more content here for older elementary through high school grades. Younger children and non-readers may enjoy aspects of the site with parental guidance. AS ALWAYS, preview the topics to determine suitability of content.)

ClickScholar Chris E. suggested this website that is an online version of the Science Museum in London, England. When you get to the site you’ll see all kinds of fun exhibits that allow you to explore:

  • Art
  • Current Science
  • Environment
  • Physics and Math
  • Chemistry and Materials
  • Energy
  • Everyday Things
  • Space
  • Communications and Computing
  • Engineering
  • Medicine and Biology
  • Transportation

Click on any topic and a new page opens with a menu of online exhibits presented with interesting text and photographs of exhibit pieces. Learn the science of:

  • Strange artistic surfaces
  • The human brain
  • Steam
  • Atomic clocks
  • Marie Curie
  • Mass consumption
  • Ada Lovelace – the world’s 1st computer programmer
  • Aviation
  • Genes
  • The human life cycle
  • The inventor of the gas mask and 3-way traffic signal
  • And much, much more.

Bookmark this site because you’ll never see the volume of content here in just one visit.

RECORD KEEPING: Here’s an idea! For those of you who keep records of what you are learning – these ClickSchooling reviews can be very helpful. Since they are dated and divided into subject content, simply print out the reviews of the sites you actually explore and put them in your student’s portfolio for easy-peasy record keeping. :)


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