Happy Birthday President Lincoln

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Recommended Website:
Abraham Lincoln Research Site

Age range: 10-18 (younger children may need assistance)

Today, February 12th, is President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. In 2002, I reviewed the “Abraham Lincoln Research Site” and pointed out that the site is just so beautifully developed, with such thorough and engaging commentary, photographs, primary sources, and wonderful anecdotes about Lincoln that I just had to feature it on ClickSchooling.

In December of this past year, the creator of the site, Roger Norton, found my review in the ClickSchooling archive at Homefires.com. He wrote, “I just wanted to say thank you for your kind words about my Abraham Lincoln website. Your words meant a lot to me as I have tried hard to put together a site meant for children, parents, schools, churches, teachers, and ‘everyday’ people.” I decided it was time to share this site with you again. :)

The site contains the most fascinating stories about Lincoln – including some hilarious and poignant accounts of the lives of his pets! When you get to the site you’ll see a menu of possibilities that allow you to delve into the life and times of Abraham Lincoln in addition to these highlights:

  • Especially for Students – Get a one-page summary of Lincoln’s life. This “Reader’s Digest” version of the Lincoln biography serves as a great introduction and overview.
  • Lincoln’s Lost Speech – Most people think of the “Gettysburg Address” as Lincoln’s most captivating speech. However, there was another speech he delivered that so resonated with the audience – that even the journalists forgot to take notes! Learn all about it.
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Beard – Find out how an 11-year-old girl convinced Lincoln to grow a beard. (This may inspire your children to write to a politician!)
  • The Lincolns and Animals – Did you know that two of Lincoln’s sons, Tad and Willie, kept goats as pets at the White House? See photos of Lincoln’s beloved mutt, Fido. Then, get out your hankies and read the touching account of Lincoln’s encounter with three orphaned kittens on the eve of the final military advance of the Civil War. Dry your eyes and read all about how a Turkey, intended for dinner, became a presidential pet!

This archive is a rich resource to supplement any U.S. history curriculum or interest in the lives and times of Abe Lincoln.


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