Top Social Sciences Sites for 2008

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Continuing with our recap, here are ClickSchooling’s Top Social Sciences sites for 2008:

Note: The links below take you to the ClickSchooling archives where you can read the original review. From there, you can click on a link to access the site.

Recommended Websites:

Geography Thru Free Map Unit Studies!

Age Range: 5-13 (Grades K-8)

This is one of the most frequently visited websites in the ClickSchooling archive. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis partnered with National Geographic on an exhibit called “MAPS: Tools for Adventure” that teaches kids about maps. The exhibit offers this companion website with FREE Unit Study guides in downloadable, printable, book-style format containing lessons about mapping. This is a thorough resource for teaching cartography.

Free Social Science Videos from NOVA

Age Range: 10-17 (Grades 6-12)

At this website you can learn all about social sciences by watching PBS NOVA videos for free. Topics covered by these films include: Anthropology, Natural Disasters, the Human Genome, ancient Egypt, the Parthenon, Nature, Physics, Space, Technology and more. Some of the video pages link to further resources, teacher’s guides, transcripts of the films, and more.

Chicago History Museum: Great Chicago Stories

Age Range: 8-17 (Grades 3-12)

This ClickSchooling award-winner offers an engaging history of Chicago presented through historical fiction stories that are accompanied by lessons and activities, as well as investigations of museum artifacts. It’s a terrific example of educational technology at its best. Topics geared for grades 3-12 include the Great Migration, baseball, railroad transportation, hot dogs, abolition, public housing, immigration, labor, Progressivism, the Jazz Age, politics and more.

Age Range: 8 and up (non-readers will need assistance)

This website provides an introduction to geography through earth sciences including the earth’s energy, structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and bio-geo-chemical cycles. Includes interactive quizzes and links to further resources.

Free Historical Paper Dolls! Paper Dali

Age Range: 5-12 (approximately)

A homeschool mom (who also happens to be a history buff and talented artist) created this site that offers FREE Paper Dolls based on historical people and events. Print out the variety of characters and make history come alive! You’ll find paper dolls for all of these historical themes: American Revolution, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, King Arthur & Knights of the Round Table, Wild West, and Biblical Times. You’ll also find ideas and tips for use. Join the free mailing list to receive updates whenever new Paper Dali’s are added to the site.


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