Top Sites for Music, Art, and Foreign Languages

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Continuing with our recap, here are ClickSchooling’s Top Elective websites for 2008. It was really hard, but we managed to limit our picks to 3 in each category of Art, Music, and Foreign Languages:

Note: The links below take you to the ClickSchooling archives where you can read the original review. From there, you can click on a link to access the site.

Recommended Websites:


Art Attack!

Age Range: 4-18

Art Attack! provides instruction on how to do over 100 art projects that are archived at this website – one of the most frequently visited among the ClickSchooling archives.

The Toy Maker

Age Range: 3-13

You won’t believe the assortment of templates for making paper toys here. They include Animals, Bugs, Fairies, Math & Learning Toys, Toys that Move, Gifts and Boxes, and a variety of whimsical and fantasy items too.

National Gallery for America’s Young Artists

Age Range: 5-18 (Grade Range K-12)

This collection of fun activities provides multi-media lessons in art history as well as art media and technique.


Fantastic Classical Music Site for Kids!

Age Range: 7-12

This website received a ClickSchooling Award for Excellence and offers one of the best, web-based educational activities on classical music designed just for kids.

Free Music Rhythm Lessons and More!

Age Range: 5-18

This website offers free, interactive music resources, lessons, and drills.


Learn Italian Online for Free!

Age Range: 7-18

Get a free, six-week course of five lessons per week in Italian. Learn online for free at your own pace, or sign up for optional free daily email reminders.

Digital Dialects

Age Range: 5-18

This website offers multi-media, interactive games for learning 55 different languages from Afrikaans to Vietnamese.


Age Range: 4-17

Get free online games, songs and activities for children in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Indonesian.


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