Top Science Sites of 2008!

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Continuing with our recap, here are ClickSchooling’s Top Science Sites for 2008…

Note: The links below take you to the ClickSchooling archives where you can read the original review. From there, you can click on a link to access the site.

Recommended Websites:

Robert Krampf’s Science Experiments!

Age Range: 5-17

Robert Krampf’s Science Education website provides some free science videos, fun experiments, and you can sign up for Krampf’s FREE science e-newsletter that delivers an “experiment of the week” to your email inbox. This free e-newsletter is one of the best science resources that exists for home educators.

AMAZING Free Science Videos, Slide Shows, and More!

Age Range: All (with parental guidance/assistance for children under 10)

This multi-media website combines science and entertainment to engage learners of all ages. You’ll find quizzes, photos, videos and strange scientific news that’ll fascinate even the most reluctant of science students. This one received a ClickSchooling Award for Excellence.

Free Online Biology Textbook

Age Range: 11-17

This was the most visited science site in the ClickSchooling archives. It provides a free, online biology textbook that is visually appealing with content that is thorough and challenging with numerous references and links.

Calling All Young Inventors! National Museum of Education: Inventucation Central

Age Range: 8-18 (approximately)

The National Museum of Education supports young inventors by providing all kinds of information on inventors, inventions, and how to invent. It encourages students to invent with interactive games to challenge thinking and improve science skills, a database of online science experiments, and terrific invention contests and competitions.

Periodic Table of Videos

Age Range: 8 and up (w/parental supervision)

The Periodic Table of Videos is educational, fun, and not to be missed! Each video is short (2-4 minutes) and provides basic information about the featured element, its history, its properties, and how it is used. The chemists, who narrate while demonstrating experiments with the various elements, have a contagious enthusiasm for the subject matter. Students of all ages will enjoy this!


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