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Recommended Website

Age Range: 3-12+

ClickSchooler® Kim Railey recommended this website and helped write this review. (Read Kim’s bio below.)

Highlights Magazine sponsors this website that features free engaging stories and activities to build language arts skills while covering multiple subjects such as science, history, social studies, and more. It also features the beloved “Hidden Picture” activity that you may remember from your own youthful experience with Highlights – and that your children are sure to enjoy. You can print a copy of the game or play it online.

When you get to the site you’ll see some featured stories and activities. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to access:

  • Story Soup – Read the story of the week including favorite features from the magazine such as “Timbertoes” and the “The Arizona Zone.” Children can comment on the story or send in a question. Join the Book Club, read and listen to some Rebus stories, and enjoy interactive “Goofus and Gallant” tales where your child gets to decide what happens.
  • Science in Action – Get the answer to the Science Question of the Week, read science stories, try some experiments, and guess the mystery sound!
  • Fun Finder – Unlock a treasure trove of Highlights archives including past issues of Highlights Magazine, Hidden Pictures, Games, Crafts and much, much more!

Did we mention “Hidden Pictures”? Kim played 3 games before she told her daughter about it! :) It’s a lot of fun to play online! You’ll enjoy it – and so will your kids!

Kim Railey and
Diane Flynn Keith for ClickSchooling®
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Kim Railey and her husband Travis homeschool their two kids ~ Cody, who is 15, and Danielle, who is 6. Their style is mostly “follow the child’s lead” with some structure when needed. Along with a partner, Kim manages a website called Family Learning EXperience ~ FLEX ~ that offers a collection of resources (such as classes, community programs, museum exhibits, etc.) for homeschool families in and around Vancouver, WA. Kim also has a support group called Vancouver Community HomeSchooler. This non-profit group organizes events for homeschooling families including monthly seminars, and an annual conference held in January.



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