Kids’ Spelling, Grammar, and Writing Games

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Recommended Website:
Kids Spelling, Grammar, and Writing Games

Age Range: 5-10 (Designed for elementary school grades 1-5, approximately.)

This website offers an astounding array of free, multi-media, interactive games and worksheets to help kids learn and gain proficiency in Spelling, Grammar, and Writing.

When you get to the site you’ll see a menu of choices that include:

  • Alphabet – Learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet, put simple words in alphabetic order, correct letter reversal and more.
  • Sight Words – Play games that teach kids to recognize the 220 Dolch sight words.
  • Phonics/Spelling – Enjoy a variety of games that enhance phonemic awareness and teach spelling such as Word Safari, Hangman, Alphabet Soup and more.
  • Printing – Trace letters as you learn to print in an online game, or print out worksheets to practice with offline.
  • Graphic Organizers – Print out an assortment of worksheets that contain story starters and story organizers to help kids learn to write.
  • Brain Gym – These “brain gymnastics” activities are especially helpful to kids identified as “learning disabled” and/or “dyslexic.”
  • Grammar – Learn parts of speech, abbreviation and contractions. Practice your editing skills online too!
  • Media Literacy – Create stories that include cool sound effects using your keyboard.
  • Keyboard – Free games that help kids learn how to type!

This is a terrific resource that will enhance learning for any elementary Language Arts curriculum!

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