History of Chicago with Audio and Activities (CSAW)

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Recommended Website:
Chicago History Museum: Great Chicago Stories

Age Range: 8-17 (Grades 3-12)

ClickScholar Cie Buschle recommended this website sponsored by the Chicago History Museum. It offers a terrific, engaging history of Chicago presented through historical fiction stories that are accompanied by lessons and activities, as well as investigations of museum artifacts.

When you get to the site you’ll see a brief introduction. Use the menu to explore:

  • Elementary Stories – Enjoy 6 historical fiction stories (designed for grades 3-4) that cover topics such as the Great Migration, baseball, railroad transportation, hot dogs and more!
  • High School Stories – Enjoy 6 historical fiction stories for grades 9-12 that cover themes such as abolition, public housing, immigration, labor, Progressivism, the Jazz Age, and politics.

In both of the above sections – you can click on any story title and a new page opens where you can read the text (accompanied by illustrations) or listen to the audio version complete with illustrations and text so you can follow along. You can easily download these streaming multimedia and MP3 files to your portable audio player – making it a great FREE resource for Carschooling! :)

  • Interactive History Map – You’ll find an interactive map for every story. Use it to explore the locations and sights mentioned in the stories. You can see and compare what Chicago looked like then and now.
  • Classroom Activities – This is an amazing resource for those who really want to delve into the historical topics introduced in the stories. Each story comes with 5 lessons that work together to form a UNIT STUDY around the narrative using multi-media to teach and entertain. As the site explains: “The lessons are flexible and can be adapted for shorter or longer exploration of a topic. To that end, each lesson is offered as a separate PDF download. We hope you will make them your own, through creative teaching and application of the materials to best fit your instructional style and the needs of your students.” This is great news for homeschool use!

While this site teaches students about the history of Chicago through compelling stories, many of the themes covered serve as terrific introductions to the people and events that impacted U.S. and world history as well.

This website is a demonstration of educational technology at its best, and gets a ClickSchooling Award for Excellence!

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