Animated Streaming Videos of Classic Literature

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Age Range: 10-17 (Emphasis on Middle School and High School content. However, there is an Aesop Fable that younger children may enjoy. Parental guidance required.)

I was contacted by a representative of today’s featured website that provides free animated streaming videos of classic literature. Each of the stories is professionally narrated and animated for greater student interest, comprehension, and retention.

While the potential is remarkable, the selection is currently very small and includes titles such as:

  • The Fox and the Crow by Aesop
  • An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce
  • The Boarding House by James Joyce
  • Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Choose any title and a new page opens where you can download the animated iPod movie, watch Flash or Streaming Video of the movie, and access the eText, eTest, and essay questions.

The company’s “mission statement” contends that in this day and age, educational content should be delivered and distributed to students through their favorite formats including iPods, iPhones, DVDs and online streaming videos. Moreover:

“…while Thomas Jefferson and John Adams might still choose to curl up with a good book (if they were alive today), we can guarantee you Ben Franklin would be surfing the Internet for the latest scientific information out of MIT or CalTech, and Alexander Hamilton would be scrolling through the latest stock quotes on his new iPhone.

The truth is, while parents, teachers and politicians argue over why ‘Little Johnny’ isn’t learning in school, Johnny’s up in his room listening to his iPod, watching a DVD, and/or playing video games on the Internet. If only someone had noticed that ‘Little Johnny’s’ book bag was lying in the corner collecting dust, perhaps the seemingly endless arguments and finger-pointing over what’s wrong in education might have been averted, along with the waste of a lot of the taxpayer’s money.

We believe that by presenting educational content in an entertaining fashion and on a ‘cool’ format, students may not even know that they’re learning.”

You’ll notice that the site has more literature titles in development, along with some history lessons on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Chairman Mao and others.

You can also currently access some college lectures on economics and philosophy as well.

It is unclear whether or not this will become a commercial website, but for the time being, you can access the limited content for free.

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