Math – Counting Coins! (And much more!)

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Recommended Website:

Counting Coins, and much more!

Age Range: Approximately 4-8 for the coin lessons (other activities here are
for older students)

This is a delightful web-based activity sponsored by the College of
Education at the University of Houston that is a tutorial in how to count
coins (and much more). This site is deceiving at first glance, so be sure to
investigate the variety of content by following our suggestions below.

When you get to the site, you will see the title “Learning About Money” and
a picture of several coins. Notice the menu bar above it, we’re going to
come back to that in a minute. :)

Click on the coin you want to learn about, for example a penny. A new page
opens with a picture of a penny and links to information about what is on
the front and back side of a penny. Click on the penny and a new page opens
with a picture of 25 pennies numbered from 1-25, and an invitation to count
them. You may think, “Is that all there is?” No!

Click on the “Tutorial” button in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and
a new page opens with a menu of interactive coin-counting possibilities.
Click on penny, for example, and a new page opens with a picture of several
pennies. Count the pennies, click on the multiple choice answer and see if
you are either correct, or must try again. Click on the “next” button to
continue practicing. You can count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters,
and combinations of these coins as well.

Parent-educators looking for a lesson plan in coin counting with practice
activities will find it here.

It includes suggestions for teaching visual, verbal, and kinesthetic

This site also provides additional math resources including lessons in
measurement and links to info about famous mathematicians

But that’s not all! This site archives a collection of lessons available in
Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Electives, and Technology.

Although this website has not been updated since 1998, you’ll be pleasantly
surprised to find lesson plans that contain some working graphics in the
language arts collection. Also, in the technology section, a few of the
powerpoint presentations might be ancient enough at this point to be of
historical interest for the very curious. Don’t miss the presentation
entitled, “Welcome to the Internet: Accessing People and Information Around
the Globe.” Oh my, things have certainly changed since this state-of-the-art
website was produced less than one decade ago! How many of you still
remember Gopher, FTP protocol, and Telnet? There are also some vintage
screenshots of the Netscape browser. :)

Enjoy! :)


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