Read-Along Stories, Songs, Grammar, and More!

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Recommended Website:

British Council: Learn English Kids

There is something for everyone here! This nonprofit site originates from
England, so you will notice a few spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation
differences, but that only adds to the fun. For example, you will learn that
what we call a “shopping cart” in the US is called a “trolley” in the UK. :)
While this site is designed for non-native speakers of English, the online
games are educational for native speakers as well. :)

When you get to the site, the large section in the middle of the page
contains the current featured topics; the menu across the top leads to many
of the best goodies on this site, including an extensive archive of
previously featured topics. On the menu you’ll discover:

  • Games – Some are just plain fun, and some are educational — all focus on word recognition and vocabulary development.
  • Print and Do – Vocabulary flashcards in several categories; these can also
    be used for emergent readers.
  • Songs and Stories – This section features some wonderful songs and stories
    for vocabulary development at three different levels. The easiest level is
    “for your little brother or sister.” :) Note that some of the tunes at this
    level are contemporary (rock) — and the Zoo, Goldilocks, and Bear
    stories/songs contain some visual effects that parents should preview for
    suitability. Don’t miss “In My Plane,” which explains how to correctly form
    numbers. The two higher levels are for elementary and older children. With
    the more advanced stories, there is the option to read with or without audio
    narration. These stories can be navigated by the page numbers at the top of
    the text or by the “next page” arrow at the bottom. (In the football
    [soccer] story, clicking on the page numbers lead to parts of a completely
    different story, so you might want to use the arrows instead.)
  • Get Writing – Practice creating original poetry using virtual refrigerator
    magnets. This is a fun mental challenge, due to the limited number of
    available words, but if you are happy with the result, you can send it in
    (select “mail” and then select “BC Poetry Gallery”), and it might appear in
    this section of the website! (If you see a poem by “Megumi,” it was posted
    by a fellow ClickSchooler. ;) You can also send someone an e-card, review a
    book or film (or read the reviews of other visitors to this site), or try
    their story maker game (a very simple version of the popular game, “Mad
  • Topics – There are a variety of topics available on this site, to make
    English learning interesting and fun, listed here in alphabetical order for
    your convenience.
  • Parents – How to help your child learn English.

But that’s not all! Older students and adults might want to explore many
more games, including online grammar games, plus teacher helps, printable
worksheets, cartoons, business and military sections, and even sister sites
for ESL learners from China or the Middle East by clicking “Home” and
“Central” at the bottom of the page. Note: The cartoons in the adult
(“central”) section aren’t meant for children, so parents are advised, as
always, to preview them to determine suitability.


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