Virtual Field Trip To Bubble Wrap® Company!

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Sealed Air: Bubble Wrap®

Do you still have holiday gift packaging Bubble Wrap® strewn about the house
or did your kids pop it all? Never fear, today’s website offers an
ever-lasting virtual supply of bubble wrap. That’s right. Visit the company
that pioneered bubble wrap, meet the inventors, discover the history of
Bubble Wrap®, learn how they make it, and then have fun virtually popping the
stuff. Be sure to turn the sound up and try the silly games and activities.
Don’t miss the links to other fun bubble wrap sites too.

You can do all of this in preparation for National Bubble Wrap® Appreciation
Day on Monday, January 29th, 2007!

On that day, the winners of the first-ever Bubble Wrap® Competition for
Young Inventors will be announced. At the website, you can view the entries
of the 10 Semi-Finalists (out of over 800 entries) — including that of
homeschooler Megan Guerrero! She invented “The Empire State Building
3-Dimensional Construction Project.” See it here (scroll down the page).

It’s really fun to see the amazing uses for Bubble Wrap® that these kids
invented. I used to keep Bubble Wrap® in the car to help the kids pass the
time on long road trips — but these young inventors take Bubble Wrap® to a
whole new level. You’ll get ideas for science experiments and art projects
that your family is sure to enjoy!

Who knows? It may provide incentive for your kids to enter next year’s
Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors.

By the way, you can find numerous “Bubble Wrap® Lesson Plans” for a variety
of subjects on the Internet just by typing “bubble wrap lesson plans” into a
search engine like Google. See what pops up! You’ll be surprised.

Here’s another interesting website your family may enjoy…

The Original Virtual Bubble Wrap® Website

When you get to this site you will find FAQs about Bubble Wrap®, free Bubble
Wrap® themed downloads, and even Bubble Wrap® music — Bubble Rapâ„¢? Try
popping a sheet of virtual bubble wrap. Click on “Diagnostics” on the menu
to learn the ins and outs of Bubble Wrap® including snappers, duds, buddy
bubbles, and edges or partials. You can even watch a video demonstration of
how pressing on one bubble can inflate a deflated neighboring bubble! Learn
Bubble Wrap® etiquette. If you like popping virtual Bubble Wrap®, don’t miss
the “Manic Mode” also housed at this site
— it has funny sound
effects that will delight the 10-12 year old boys in the house. :)

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