The Mughal Empire of India!

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Mughal India

Did you know that there was once a Mughal Empire, and that at its peak it
encompassed most of India? You will know quite a bit about it after a visit
to this virtual classroom developed by the British Museum. When you get to
the site, you’ll see a picture of a classroom. Roll your cursor over the
items in the picture to see what each one reveals. Then, simply click on an
item to access the contents including:

  • Bookcase — Start with an overview. What was the Mughal Empire? Who formed
    it? What area did it cover? When did it begin and how long did it last? Be
    sure to click on the bookcase and then select individual books to learn all
    about various emperors and more! To turn the pages, you will need to click
    the corner of a page and drag it to the opposite side of the book. To jump
    to the table of contents, you will need to click just below the book. While
    you are looking at the individual books, there is a small picture of a
    bookcase in the top right corner of your screen so that you can easily go
    back to select another book; if you are finished reading, you can always
    click on the word “Home” at the bottom of the screen to return to the
    virtual classroom. (Note: In the book on Akbar, page 4 is missing, replaced
    by page 11. But that doesn’t detract much from the story; just insert the
    words “ruling briefly,” turn to page 5, and resume reading.) In addition to
    plenty of fascinating history, there are also some interactive games hidden
    inside the books! (Hint: If you are looking for games, try the book about
  • Coin Cabinet (located on the top of the bookshelf) — Coins reveal a lot
    about a country including who was in power when they were minted, and a bit
    about the values and beliefs of the nation. Open all the drawers in this
    cabinet to learn what coins tell us about Mughal religions, emperors,
    politics, and more! Helpful Hint: click the knob at the bottom of the
    drawer to close it and return to the coin cabinet.
  • Warfare (or weapons cabinet, located to the right of the easel) — Try your
    hand at affixing the correct labels to the various implements of war. Some
    of them are quite ornate! A virtual magnifying glass is provided to examine
    the engravings, precious inlaid gems, and other intricate details. Each
    time you play this game, there is a different collection to label.
  • Terrapin (jade turtle) — Learn about this remarkable treasure and then
    take the Terrapin Challenge — try to identify its species!
  • Globe — Use your mouse to spin it and find capitals of various countries
    of the world.

Keep clicking around to see all the treasures hidden in the virtual
classroom. Don’t miss the information stored in the “file cabinets” or the
“art chest drawer” (located under the terrapin). Check out the date
calculator by clicking on the calendar or view the painting on the easel.

  • DON’T MISS the VIRTUAL TOUR of the Taj Mahal by clicking on the clipboard
    on the table!

There is simply too much to absorb in just one visit, so bookmark the site
to return again.


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