Mathematical Games To Play Offline

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Madras College:
Mathematical Games

This website offers instructions on how to play a variety of math games using materials you probably have around the house. The games are challenging and fun. They require strategizing and critical thinking, while exercising math skills. They include:

  • Board and Counter Games – You’ll find ideas for using game board grids, chess pieces, game markers or counters and other materials to play games that teach and reinforce math skills without seeming like math — which is great for the mathphobics in the house.
  • Card Games — Print out free card templates to play a game of SET!
  • Coin Games – Use coins to learn about chance and probability.
  • Domino Games — Find an ingenious use of a chess board and a set of dominoes to play the game, “Domineering.”
  • Paper & Pencil Games — A variety of math games you can play with nothing more than a paper and pencil. Great for traveling in the car — or when waiting in line or at the dentist’s office. :)
  • Paper & Scissor Game — This one requires strategy and manual dexterity.

In addition to the games listed, you will find links to other webpages containing math games your students may enjoy.


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