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Recommended Website:
Count On

The University of York in the UK sponsors this incredible website of FREE interactive math games and activities for all ages and abilities. There is so much content here that it’s hard to know where to begin. As you explore the site you will have to wait for certain pages to fully download — but your patience will pay off. :)

When you get to the site you will see the newest featured games that include Sudoku puzzles, 3D geometry explorations, a math timeline that tracks mathematicians through the ages, and more. Use the menu on the left to find:

  • Games — Over 20 interactive games that students of a wide range of abilities can play to improve arithmetic, math and logic skills.
  • Numberland — Use the magic number square to investigate all kinds of fun facts, tricks and trivia about every number from 1-100.
  • Explorer — A library of various math explorations that include: mathemagical tricks to confound your friends, math poems, math patterns, reviews of books that have something to do with math, origami, fractals, online math stories, math art, gridwarping and much more!
  • Maths MagNet — You’ll find a wide selection of fun activities and online math coloring pages for younger mathematicians here.

This site also offers additional math resources and links for educators and students of all ages and grades to explore. Bookmark this one — you’ll want to return often.


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