History with Jell-O!

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Recommended Website:
Jello History

At this website you can learn all about the history of Jell-O from its invention by an industrialist in 1845 to its designation as the official state snack of Utah in 2001. The mere mention of Jell-O causes most people to giggle — but the silliness of Jell-O’s history is serious business.

At the website you can follow a fascinating timeline from pre-1900 through 2000 to learn some astonishing facts about this classic American dessert.

Did you know that immigrants entering Ellis Island were served Jell-O as a welcome dish? Or that there were chocolate and cola flavored gelatins that were discontinued? Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish created artwork depicting Jell-O. Lots of famous movie stars and entertainers pitched Jell-O products over the years including Jell-O’s most famous spokesperson, Bill Cosby.

Hollywood movie-makers used Jell-O to create the effect of parting the Red Sea in the 1923 silent film “The Ten Commandments,” and the horse-of-a-different-color in the “Wizard of Oz” was sponged down with green Jell-O. Astronauts at space station Mir marked time in space with Jell-O. The Smithsonian Institute even proclaimed, “American History is Jell-O History!”

When you are through exploring the history use the menu bar at the top of the page and click on “Kids Fun.” You’ll find interactive Jell-O themed games, puzzles and snacktivities — and the edible things kids can make with Jell-O will astound you!

You don’t even have to eat Jell-O. You can use it in all kinds of craft activities too — you’ll find out how to make Jell-O sprinkle art and paint with Jell-O too!

Jell-O makes history fun — but don’t be too surprised if everyone craves Jell-O after visiting the site. If so, use the recipes at the site to make some yummy concoctions with Jell-O. Have fun!


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