Virtual Field Trip to Mexico City & More!

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Recommended Website:
Mexico for Kids

This site is owned and operated by the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico and is a multi-media extravaganza designed to help kids learn about Mexico. While you may have to wait a minute to fully download each section of the site — it is well worth the slight wait. At today’s featured link, you can take a virtual tour through photos, text, and video clips of some of Mexico City’s historic landmarks including the National Museum of Popular Cultures, the Fine Arts Palace, the Historical Center, the Anthropology and History National Museum, and Zocalo where you can see Constitution Square and the National Palace.

Once you’ve virtually explored Mexico City, don’t miss the rest of this remarkable website. Go to the home page. Notice that you can choose to view this site in Spanish, English, Italian, or French. Make your selection and click on the menu that includes:

  • History — Learn all about Mesoamerica, Spanish colonization, the Independence Revolution, war and reform in the 19th century, famous rulers, and contemporary Mexico.
  • Government — Discover the political organization of Mexico including its constitution and branches of government, rights of the citizens, and more.
  • Explore — This section leads back to the virtual tour of Mexico City and you can virtually visit Xochimilco, Chiapas, Durango, Oaxaca, and other interesting places in Mexico too.
  • Biodiversity — Mexico has a variety of ecosystems and you can explore them all. Learn about the diversity of species from butterflies to dolphins and find out about conservation efforts.Kids will LOVE the “Paper Zoo” in this section with all kinds of printable paper cut outs of critters from crickets to coyotes (includes instructions for assembly too).
  • Games — Learn about Mexico while you play with this selection of online games and activities including coloring pages.
  • About Mexico — An amazing multi-media overview of Mexico’s indigenous groups, music, holidays, toys, food, traditions, myths, stories, and more.

There is so much to take in and do at this website that I recommend you bookmark it. You’ll want to return several times to fully explore it.


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