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Recommended Website:
Singing Science

Gather the kids around the computer for a fun science sing-along! List member Dora Moreland recommended today’s website. She wrote, “There are about 80 science songs that you can listen to or download. They are old and some are corny (but my kids love them!) and I think they are a real treasure for those of us who would hate to memorize what longitude is!”

Everything is easier to memorize when it’s set to music and that includes science facts and concepts. As the website owner explains in the introduction at the site, his parents bought these songs on records (circa 1950’s) and he and his sister listened to them incessantly. He has painstakingly loaded them to his website where you can listen online or download them onto CD.

When you get to the site you’ll see the brief intro followed by a menu of song titles sorted into subject categories that include:

  • Space Songs — Learn about the Milky Way, find out about shooting stars, hear the “Ballad of Sir Isaac Newton” and learn some physics laws along the way.
  • Energy & Motion Songs — Listen to songs about electricity, kinetic and potential energy, motion, and atomic energy.
  • Experiment Songs — Not only do these songs explain scientific concepts, they include experiments you can try at home. Learn about magnets, rocks, gems, minerals, rain, thunder, rainbows and more!
  • Weather Songs — You’ll sing about the stratosphere, how clouds are formed, the water cycle, hurricanes, and snowflakes.
  • Nature Songs — These ditties explain mammals, insects, plant parts, fish, rocks, birds, fossils, and even how a cow makes milk!

The only drawback of this site is that the song lyrics are unavailable. HOWEVER, the songs are sung so cleanly and crisply that you can hear and understand the lyrics with little effort. Because you can download the songs onto CD, you can take them anywhere — a great resource for carschooling! :)


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