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Recommended Website:

List member, Jeannette F., recommended today’s website. She wrote,

“I just happened upon this website when looking up some information on Sol-Fa [a musical notation method]. It’s an entire classical music appreciation curriculum all rolled into one. Note, especially, the opportunity to listen to the Classics for Kids radio programs (current and past shows) and the activities they provide to accompany them. Take the time to explore the entire site! Lots of gold to discover here.”

Jeannette’s right, this website offers a terrific education in classical music for kids. The website was created as a supplement to the Classics for Kids radio program. (You will find information on stations that air the show at the website — but you can listen to the programs for free at the website as well.) The radio shows bring great composers to life through music and stories. The website provides an opportunity to listen to the archived weekly radio shows and also offers free downloadable activities and lessons that focus on National Standards for the Arts/Music and Academic Content Standards. The supplemental materials incorporate various music training philosophies including Orff, Dalcrose, and Kodaly.

When you get to the site you will see the current week’s featured program in the center of the home page. Parents can register to receive updated information about Classics for Kids. There is a menu on the left from which you can access the following selections:

  • This Week’s Show — the featured Classics for Kids radio program of the week.
  • Past Shows — archives of past Classics for Kids radio programs.
  • Hear the Music — listen to the music of your favorite classical music composers.
  • Games — play fun, interactive, online games that teach rhythm and notation.
  • Instruments of the Orchestra — learn about all of the instruments of the symphony orchestra and hear what they sound like.
  • Musical Dictionary — learn musical terminology and hear samples of music.
  • and a list of radio program schedules, stations, music events for kids, and links to other sites about classical music.

Bookmark this one, you’ll want to return often!


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