Genetics – Determining Eye Color

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Recommended Website:
The Tech: Understanding Genetics

The Tech Museum in San Jose, California has a new online exhibit called “Understanding Genetics.” Here you can learn all about DNA by zooming into microscopic depictions of skin tissue, cells, chromosomes, and the DNA Double Helix. Once you’ve explored DNA, take a look at how genetics play a role in human health. Then, try the on-line activity using an eye color calculator that factors Genotypes and Phenotypes to predict the eye color of your future children.

By the way, under each different category mentioned above you will find in-depth discussion with pictures and illustrations of the concepts, and incredible on-line activities to further learning. Learn which animals see in color and try an experiment to find out if you are a supertaster! There’s a good Q&A section titled “Ask A Geneticist” where you can review previously submitted questions — and you can submit your own question too.

This site is designed with students middle school age and up in mind — but some of the activities — such as the “supertaster” experiment would be fun for younger students as well.

Note: There is a separate section in this exhibit where you can explore ethics issues with regard to genetic screening, stem cell research, and genetically modified foods. Parents (as always) should review this material to determine suitability for their own children.


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