Good Holiday Reads for Kids

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Recommended Website: Celebrating Christmas & Hanukkah

This website, that contains all kinds of reviews of books, interviews with authors, and games and trivia about books for kids ages 4-12 — presents an interesting perspective on the holidays. Take a look at how they prefaced their 2001 Christmas Book List:

“Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated at the Mall. The season is not about stressing over what to buy your best friend or pleading with your parents for a Nimbus 2000. The holiday is about love and sharing — not giving and getting. That’s why we here at Kidsreads have made this round-up of great holiday and winter-themed books. If you belong to a religion that doesn’t celebrate Christmas — or don’t belong to any religion at all — you can still get into the spirit and meaning of the holiday. Reading with someone you love is great a way to share the best presents of all — love and laughter.”

The books they review are filled with love and laughter, and you can read the 2002 Christmas Book List reviews, as well as those for 2001 — I assume 2003 will be uploaded to the site soon. In addition, they offer a Hanukkah Book List selection too. When you are through reading the book reviews, check out the rest of this site by clicking on the menu items at the top of the page that includes:

  • Features — Current book reviews available at the site, separated by category. For example, 2003 Caldecott/Newbery/King Winners, Audiobooks for Kids, Baseball Books, Careers for Girls, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Roundup, Patriotic Kids’ Books, Classics & New Faves Reading List, Travel Books, and much more.
  • Series — Reviews of popular series books including Amelia Bedelia, Boxcar Children, Captain Underpants, Encyclopedia Brown, Freddie The Pig, Fudge Books, Hank – The Cowdog, Little House Books, Madeline, Redwall, Star Wars, The Time Warp Trio, and many, many more.
  • Authors — Bios, and interviews with authors of popular children’s books and book series.
  • Reviews — Archive of past book reviews.
  • Trivia & Games — quizzes, interesting facts, word searches, word scrambles, and other fun activities themed around book titles. You can print them out or enjoy them online. This provides a great way to augment your reading curriculum.

The site also offers good information on how to start a book club, and it provides a free online newsletter for families all about — what else? — books!


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