Virtual Tour of Sea Lion Cave

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Recommended Website:
Sea Lion Caves

This site provides a remarkable tour of the Sea Lion Caves in Oregon. When you get to the site, you will see a short introduction and a menu that includes “Virtual Tour.” Click on “Virtual Tour” and take a virtual elevator ride down to the caves. There, through photographs, text, and audio narration you will learn all about the history of the caves and the wildlife that inhabit them including sea lions, sea birds, and whales.

After the tour, you can see the webcam that provides a real-time glimpse of the sea caves and you can hear the sea lions as well. You can also take the Sea Lion Challenge — an interactive, online quiz to test your memory about what you’ve learned at the site.

If you live in Oregon or plan to visit, you can take a public tour of the Sea Lion Caves — and information is available at the site as well.


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