Virtual Field Trips to Stone Ruins including Stonehenge

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Stone Pages

Many people know about one of the most famous of stone ruins called Stonehenge in England. However, there are hundreds of stone ruins throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, including standing stones (like Stonehenge) and many of them are much older than Stonehenge. They document early man’s habitats, customs, rituals, defense, observance of cycles in nature like the seasons, and much more.

Today’s website offers the most amazing compilation of information on stone ruins in the U.K. and Europe. When you get to the site you can click on England, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Italy to open new website pages devoted to these ruins. You can take virtual tours of these remarkable historic sites through photographs and text — and in some cases through quick time movies. You will be astounded by the sheer number of these ruins, and what archaeologists have been able to piece together about early humans from them.

You can take virtual tours of stone forts, stone settlements, stone circles, standing stones, tombs, burial chambers, and other formations. Allow plenty of time on your first visit to this site to get your bearings. You’ll want to bookmark it to visit each country and the many ruins offered for virtual tours.


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