Language Arts Through Morse Code

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Recommended Website:
Morse Code Translator

Do you have a reluctant writer? Perhaps your child would express more interest in writing, if he or she could see and hear what they wrote translated into Morse Code. At this website, you will find a Morse Code Translator. When you get to the site you will see a menu. Click on the first item that says, “Java Morse Code Translator.” A new page opens. Simply type your name, a word, or sentence into the “input” box, and click on “Translate.” You will see the Morse Code symbols printed out on your screen. Then click on “Play” to hear what you wrote in Morse Code. This is great fun! If you go back to the main menu you can click on the item “Morse Code” to find a complete list of Morse code characters and punctuation symbols. Your kids may enjoy spending summer hours learning the code to send cryptic messages to friends.

If you want more information on what the Morse Code is all about, here is a complete explanation along with Morse Code characters and symbols.

If experimenting with the code piques your kids’ interest — you can read the biography of the inventor of Morse Code, Samuel Morse.

Have fun!


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