English Fluency Through Fables

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Recommended Website:
Comenius: Fluency Through Fables

This website offers 7 fables with reading comprehension exercises for each one; designed for ESL students, this site also works very well for young children, with adult assistance. When you get to the site choose a fable (i.e., The Donkey and the Grasshopper, The Tortoise and the Hare, etc.) and click on it. A new page opens with the short fable that you can read. Below the fable are four exercises that you can do online that are related to the story. For example: a vocabulary matching exercise, a true/false reading comprehension exercise, multiple choice comprehension exercise, and a written discussion exercise*. Do one or all four. The site no longer checks answers submitted online, but children can complete the exercises and parents can critique the answers. Children who don’t read may enjoy hearing the stories and answering the questions with adult help. Either way, it provides some practice in reading comprehension and vocabulary improvement — a little like drill work, but because it’s on the computer — much more fun!

*Note: The “written discussion” exercise asks you to write a short paragraph on a topic presented in the fable. Then, it invites you to submit your answer to be placed on the discussion board at the website. However, this discussion board is no longer being maintained, so tell your children not to submit their answers here. (It’s a bad idea for them to be giving their personal information online anyway.) Have them write their answers on paper for Mom or Dad to critique.


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