Olympic Fine Arts!

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Completing our Olympic Curriculum…

Recommended Website:
Light The Fire Within — Fine Arts

This site has recommendations from Utah teachers for how to teach fine arts through an Olympic-themed curriculum. This link is a bit different from the rest we have explored this week. When you get to the site you are presented with the menu below. Click on any item and a new page appears with suggestions for activities for each grade level. Some of the activities are a bit more complicated than the previous lessons, requiring more preparation time. You may want to tweak these a bit for at-home use:

  • Dance — The Olympics provide students with examples and opportunities to study and create dances that explore concepts of respect from multiple perspectives and that celebrate heroic characteristics.
  • Drama — The Olympics provide opportunities to study, create and celebrate conflict resolution through original dramatic representation.
  • Music — The Olympics provide opportunities to study music as it relates to the histories, cultures and traditions of people throughout the world.
  • Visual Arts — Students interpret and apply visual arts in relation to their thoughts and impressions of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

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