Virtual Trip to See Reindeer!

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Continuing with our Holiday Curriculum…

This virtual field trip involves visiting several sites to learn about the elusive reindeer. Our journey starts with a site where you can learn facts about reindeer — and even take a reindeer quiz! Then you can visit a site to see pictures of real reindeer. We also discovered a reindeer lesson plan and a site where you can see animated reindeer too! Enjoy!

Recommended Websites:

Reindeer Facts & Quiz

When you get to this site you can take the reindeer quiz right away — or click on the “facts” link to read about reindeer before taking the quiz. The site uses the artwork of second-graders along with text to provide good basic information about reindeer. It’s easy to use, appealing to look at, and is accompanied by an instrumental version of the song, “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Pictures of Real Reindeer — Page 1
Pictures of Real Reindeer — Page 2

At this site you will find a Picture Gallery from the Reindeer Farm, a real working farm that raises reindeer. You will see adults and calves, as well as a Christmas sled team.

Reindeer Lesson Plan

This site offers a complete lesson plan about reindeer. It uses the book, “The Wild Christmas Reindeer” by Jan Brett as a starting place, and then provides three links to websites with more information about Reindeer and the climate where they live. (The “Weather” link doesn’t go directly to the page you will need; type in “North Pole” into the search box to get there.) Click on the “All About Nature” link and find a diagram of a reindeer that identifies it’s parts — you could print this out and let the kids color it.

Animated (Cartoon-Style) Reindeer

This site is just for fun. You will see pictures of Santa’s reindeer. Click on each one and read the silly stories about how the reindeer got their names, what they like to do in their spare time, and what some of their funniest moments were delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. (Note: At last visit, this site was under maintenance. If the link doesn’t work, try going to the main site: — and looking for the reindeer from there.)


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