Math — Flip A Coin!

February 5th, 2001 by ClickSchooling Leave a reply »

Recommended Website:
Ken White’s Coin Flipping Page

This site was recommended to ClickSchooling by a homeschool mom. It’s a great site for introducing the math concept of probability and chance.

When you go to the site you choose the coin the host, “Ken”, will flip – a penny or a dime. Then you type in the number of coins you want him to flip. You click the flip button and a screen appears showing you how the coins landed – heads up or tails up. The real fun here is in attempting to predict how many coins will land heads up – and how many tails up. And you get to see if the results alter depending on how many coins you flip, and whether or not you flip pennies or dimes.

The site also tracks the results of the coin flips by all of the website visitors – people from Brazil to Singapore! You will see how many of those flips landed heads up or tails up.

Kids will enjoy this activity. It’s a simple little math game that can be greatly enhanced with a follow-up discussion of probability and chance.


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